Project Scope

Sol-Pass is a strong startup company who is trying to overcome problems with cybersecurity both at the government and corporate level, as with everyday consumers. They are building proprietary hardware and pairing it with a hyper-secure operating system. It is an extremely ambitious project and one I was very happy to work on with my colleges at Universal Mind.


Sol-Pass wanted us to reach out to IT administrators and figure out what some of their biggest pain points were in managing corporate systems and security. We interviewed some chief security officers, cyber security specialists and IT administrators for large companies and smaller ones. While at the same time, we tried to make an engaging and intuitive UI for the Operating System's front end.

I focused more on the back end of the system and how security credentials would be handled. We crafted user personas, user flows, and wireframes and reviewed those with our feedback providers. As we moved into visual design, we also sought feedback around usability and how institutive the interface was with comparisons to other IT administration systems.

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