Hewlett Packard


While working with User Kind I was the UX designer, on the HP CIO Assessment Tool. This tool was intended to compete against IBMs CIO Assessment, an annual survey of CIOs across a number of industries. HP wanted to showcase more of their professional services in this area and tapped User Kind to interview various CIOs across multiple industries, discern what was important to them ,and create a tool that would encourage them to participate and provide value back to the participant.


Much of my work at HP is covered by an NDA, however I can share a bit of our process on the project. For the project we identified personas of those likely to be involved in the assessment or that could be gatekeepers to some of the CIOs that we wanted to participate. As a result of the interviews that we did, we made adjustments to the user flow for the survey and wireframed all of the screens and results for the survey and assisted with content strategy. For additional questions about this project please Contact Me